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Fence Posts

For use in concreted or paved areas, to suit 50mm x 50mm, 75 x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm timber.

Bolt Down Post Support



600mm drive in post support to suit 50mm x 50mm, from epoxy coated 2.5mm mild steel, this product eliminates the need for digging and provides a bold system to hold the timber and can therefore be used on undersized posts.

Drive in Post Support






Available in 44mm and 52mm.




Fence Panel Clips


Concrete-in post supports

Available in 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm.




Dust Sheets (Cotton Twill )

Excellent quality cotton twill dust sheets 9' x 12'.

Excellent quality stairway 3' x 24'.



Insulation Support Net

Insulation Net is used to support insulation materials between floor rafters or in a vertical wall insulation and is simply installed by stapling or tacking to the rafters or vertical struts. The insulation Net is allowed to sag between the rafters and will support a depth of insulation from 100mm to over 250mm. A single thickness of insulation Net can span rafters up to 450mm apart and a double thickness up to 1200mm

Stronger nets for heavier installation or extra wide spans can also be supplied. The net is manufactured from a fully UV stabilised polypropylene, it is rot proof and chemically resistant. When correctly installed into an enclosed floor or wall, it will provide support indefinitely.



Roll size:


Mesh size:



Centre Core:

Tensile strength MD

Tensile strength TD

Yield point elongation MD

Yield point elongation TD

Working temperature

Melting point






2m x 100mm

UV Stabilised PP

20mm x 20mm



76mm diameter

1.2 kN/m

1.7 kN/m



0 to 100℃





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